Seismic Surveyor PGS Cancels Debt Refinancing Plan, Shares Plunge – OSLO – PGS, the world’s largest seismic surveyor, called off a planned debt refinancing on Wednesday amid rising market volatility, sending its shares down 24%. Oslo-listed PGS, which owns a fleet of.

Small Business Debt Consolidation and Loan Refinancing – debt consolidation loanS Take Control by Refinancing Your Existing Business Loans. There are many financing options powerup lending group offers. Consolidating existing business loans can be used to lower your monthly payments, pay off existing debt quickly or just free up additional working capital. Whether it’s to restructure maturities or to optimize cash flow, set your business on the most stable financial course for the future

National Credit Partners Helps Small Business Owners Who Are Overwhelmed with High Interest Debt – . Small Business Owners Being Crushed by High Interest Loans. National Credit Partners provides “Business Loan Modifications” for over-extended business owners who are overwhelmed by debt and facing.

Is Your Business Debt Eligible for Refinancing? 5. – The goal of business debt refinancing is to qualify your business for longer-term lenders with more affordable rates. Of course, the “gold standard” for refinancing your business debt would be a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loan. These loans have the best rates for the longest terms.

Options to Consolidate Business Loans and Commercial Debt – Consolidation of business debt is the combining of multiple loans and debt obligations into a single loan. It’s not to be confused with refinancing a business loan, which is paying off of a higher-rate loan by getting a business loan with a lower-rate.The purpose of debt consolidation is to reduce the amount a company regularly pays to service their debt, by combining all debt into a single.

How to Deal with Small Business Debt – Dealing with Creditors – Consolidate Loans. A business debt consolidation loan can allow you to deal with a single creditor, rather than many, and perhaps get a loan with a lower interest rate. The process can be facilitated by a debt consolidation company hired to take responsibility for negotiating.

Can I refinance debt with an SBA loan? Dine Brands Global, Inc. Completes Refinancing of its Existing Long-Term Debt Through a Securitization – –(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dine Brands Global. two special purpose subsidiaries (the “Co-Issuers”) have completed the refinancing of their fixed rate senior secured notes and variable funding senior notes..

What Is Business Debt Refinancing? | – The basis of business debt refinancing is the conversion of original debt, including outstanding or overdue amounts, into a new debt instrument. By paying off the current debt obligations with the new debt instrument, businesses can consolidate their debt and obtain better interest rates.

TransPerfect Announces $450 Million Debt Refinancing – “Our ability to refinance debt on better terms is a testament to the performance. $15 million per year and has enhanced our ability to re-invest in the business,” added Shawe. “TransPerfect is the.